You do not have to dread going to the dentist anymore for simple routine treatments such as fillings. Dr Geaccone provides the newest technology in laser dentistry. This enables him to do standard tooth color fillings without any drilling or face numbing shots! This means, as our patient, no more fear and anxiety leading up to dental appointments. Also no more suffering through the rest of your day with an awkward numb face. Dr Geaccone utilizes laser technology, which generates no heat or vibrations unlike traditional drills. This means more comfort and better care for his patients.

Patient testimonial on having teeth filled with Fotana Laser


Wisdom tooth extraction is a surgical procedure to remove one or more wisdom teeth - the four permanent adult teeth located at the back corners of your mouth on the top and bottom.

If the wisdom tooth doesn’t have room to grow (Impacted wisdom tooth), resulting in pain, infection or other dental problems, you will likely need to have it pulled. Dr Geaccone is very experienced in wisdom tooth extraction comfortably, painlessly. You will be in good hands.

When Dr Geaccone extracts wisdom teeth he typically follows up extractions post operatively with laser photobiomodulation. This aids in tissue regeneration and decreases the healing time and post operative discomfort. This is one of the many benefits of being treated by a dentist that uses laser technology.



Dr Geaccone shows personal interest in his patients. He is very knowledgeable and keeps you informed on everything he does and would like to do. He has great bedside manners and keeps things in layman's terms. I love the way he works. He and his staff are keepers.


Aside from traditional teeth cleaning, check ups and X-rays, Dr Geaccone offers TwinLight Periodontal Therapy. This is the latest Laser technique for treatment of periodontal disease. Click here for details of Twinlight laser treatment.


Embarrassed by teeth lost to decay or trauma? Missing teeth greatly effect a persons appearance and first impression they make on others. Don’t worry, Dr Geaccone can restore decayed teeth with cosmetic porcelain crowns and missing teeth with beautiful cosmetic bridges.

Porcelain crowns are used by Dr Geaccone in cases where teeth need to be strengthened due to previous trauma or decay. Dr Geaccone uses bridges to replace the teeth/tooth by closing the gaps or space in your mouth once occupied by teeth/tooth. Dr Geaccone only uses the best quality labs to fabricate crowns and bridges for his patients.


Dr Geaccone utilizes the patented Fotona’s Laser TouchWhite Tooth Whitening procedure. Unlike other more out of date laser treatments that drastically heat up the teeth to damaging temperatures during the bleaching process, our procedure uses the ER Lag wavelength that is absorbed into water which is the primary component in bleaching gels; thereby, not penetrating and heating the hard tissues of the tooth whatsoever. Unlike other laser bleaching treatments, there is no direct heating of the underlying tooth with the Fotana laser bleaching! Other laser wavelengths have a more harmful effect to the teeth.

If you have always wanted to bleach your teeth , call us 281 332-9565

Dr Geaccone can give you that bright white smile you have always wanted with our TouchWhite Laser procedure.


Dr Geaccone uses the Simpli5 express teeth straightening system. Simpli5 is an express teeth aligner system that corrects minor imperfections you dislike in only 5-6 months! Simpli5 is ideal for the front 4-6 teeth that are visible when you smile, even if you had previous orthodontic treatment.


If you grind your teeth at night it is imperative to have a night guard made to protect your teeth and jaw.

Dental night guards are the treatment of choice for patients who have a history of grinding their teeth while they sleep at night. Also known as bruxism. Chronic bruxism can lead to problems with teeth and jaw if left untreated. Most patients aren’t even aware they are doing it. Custom night guards made by your dentist will be the most beneficial for several reasons. To begin, custom night guards use an exact mold of your teeth. Dr Geaccone will also consider the exact alignment of your jaw during the fitting process to ensure your night guard won’t place any unnecessary stress on the joint which can lead to even more jaw pain. Lastly, custom made night guards usually last up to 10 years, making them cost efficient in the long run.


Dr Geaccone has convenient office hours. He can see patients on Saturday or if you have a dental emergency give us a call at 281 332 9565 . We will be happy to help you.