Dr Geaccone incorporates photobiomodulation (PBM) laser light therapy into all the dental procedures performed at League City Dental Center.

Biostimulation reduces pain , speeds healing and increases you the patients comfort post treatment.

Biostimulation laser therapy treats oral ulcerations inflammatory conditions and TMJ pain.

Additional effects of Dr Geaccone using Photobiomodulation on his patients are less pain, aids clot formation for less bleeding and less inflammation as healing process is sped up.

What to expect during photobiomodulation treatment.

Biostimulation is a painless procedure that requires no anesthetic.

During treatment Dr Geaccone will use a laser wand hand piece with a fiber tip that emits a healing laser light. He will pass the light from this wand without making contact with skin over the area he would like to heal for a few beeps. After this, accelerated healing will occur as many beneficial intra and extra cellular events occur.

All of our patients have reported fantastic rapid healing results from the use of this laser.