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Porcelain Crowns And Bridges

One of the best anti aging improvements you can make for your appearance is having your teeth improved with cosmetic dental work. People with bright white smiles are instantly perceived as younger, more youthful. Dingy discolored crooked missing broken teeth ages anyone's appearance!!

At your Texas Dentist, Dr Geaccone office we use durable full coverage cosmetic porcelain crowns and bridges to give damaged teeth strength and to replace missing teeth. Both of these cosmetic dental solutions are used in Dr Geaccones’ smile makeovers one or the other or, both. If you have any questions please call 281 332-9565.

Dr Geaccone uses only porcelain for his full coverage cosmetic crowns and bridges, as it mimics the reflection, look of natural enamel and is exceptionally strong and durable. We offer a wide range of tooth enamel shades to customize your new smile, from the brightest white to a more natural shade.

Our smile restorations will look completely natural and will give you renewed confidence. You will have a smile you will want to show off!


Dr. Geaccone and the staff were very nice and helpful. I felt very comfortable from the consultation to working out my financing needs with Perla. I had my front teeth re done with beautiful cosmetic crowns. Dr Geaccone is truly an artist. I am very happy and would definitely recommend him to friends and family.

What Is a Porcelain Crown?

When a tooth either has extensive decay or inherent problems such as a crack or chip, we use a crown to return function and strength. A crown is a porcelain restoration that covers a cracked or chipped tooth to help your tooth function and gain back strength.

In addition to damaged teeth, Dr Geaccone uses full coverage cosmetic crowns for all his cosmetic smile makeovers. Unlike frontal only porcelain veneers & Lumineers, full coverage cosmetic crowns are extremely durable. You can bite into most any foods and not worry about your tooth coming off. They are used to cover misshapen teeth or to fill uneven gaps.

They also serve as the anchors for dental bridges if necessary.

What Dental Problems Do Porcelain Crowns Correct?

At your Texas Dentist, Dr Geaccone will use porcelain crowns for these dental problems:

  • Teeth with very large fillings
  • Severely worn down eroded teeth from grinding, excessive wear
  • Chipped teeth
  • Broken or cracked teeth
  • Extremely decayed teeth
  • Spaced or Misshapen teeth
  • Dark discolored teeth
  • Teeth that have had a root canal
  • Teeth on both sides of a bridge

Am I A Candidate For A Porcelain Crown?

If you have cracked, chipped, misshapen, discolored, spaced teeth, or you have a dental bridge, then you may be an ideal candidate for a porcelain crown. During your initial cosmetic dental consultation, Dr Geaccone will be able to better determine whether or not porcelain crowns are right for you.

How Are Porcelain Crowns Placed?

Placing a porcelain crown requires two visits. During your first visit, we prepare the tooth. Decayed or damaged areas of the tooth are removed and the tooth is thoroughly cleaned. To make room for the crown, we then shave off a portion of the tooth enamel if required. Following that, we take impressions to send to the dental lab to create your porcelain crown. Fabrication takes about two to three weeks, and we place a temporary crown on your tooth in the meantime.

When your crown is finished you return for your second appointment. First, we check the fit and color match of your crown. We may make some minor adjustments to ensure the perfect fit. Then we cement the crown onto your tooth permanently.

How Long Do Crowns Last?

With proper care, there is no upper limit to how long porcelain cosmetic crowns from your Texas dentist, Dr Geaccone can last. Porcelain crowns lifespan is often contingent upon the health of the underlying tooth and surrounding gums, which will depend on good home hygiene. However chewing ice, hard candy, or improper use of teeth can break even the most durable porcelain crowns.

How Do I Maintain My Cosmetic Porcelain Crowns?

Taking care of your dental crowns is pretty easy. Like you would with natural enamel teeth, you would make sure to brush and floss your teeth and dental crowns at least twice a day and come in to see Dr Geaccone every six months for preventative dental cleanings. If your crown chips or breaks at any point, schedule an appointment with Dr Geaccone and we will take care of it for you ASAP.

Porcelain Crowns Vs Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are thin porcelain shells that are applied only to the fronts of the teeth and in our experience generally weaken the tooth. That is why your Texas dentist, Dr Geaccone only uses high quality full coverage porcelain cosmetic crowns for his smile makeovers. A porcelain cosmetic crown completely covers the tooth and gives strength to the tooth that is being cosmetically restored.

What Is A Porcelain Bridge?

At Dr Geaccone, we use porcelain bridges to literally “bridge the gap” between one or more missing teeth. A porcelain bridge is a dental procedure that is most commonly used to replace missing teeth and is cemented to your natural teeth surrounding the empty space. During this process, dental crowns are traditionally placed over your natural teeth on both sides of the gap to act as anchors to support the porcelain teeth.

How Is A Porcelain Bridge Placed?

Placing a porcelain bridge requires two appointments. First, the teeth on each side of the gap are prepared for their crowns. As described above, this involves removing some of the enamel to place the crown. Once this is done, we take impressions for the creation of your bridge.

When our dental lab has completed your bridge, you will return for your second appointment. Dr Geaccone then will test the fit and the color match with your surrounding teeth, making any necessary adjustments.

How Long Do Bridges Last?

With proper care, there is no limit to how long a dental bridge can last. The key is the health of the supporting teeth that secure the bridge. With proper home dental hygiene and coming in for regular dental cleanings every six months with Dr Geaccone will drastically improve the success of your smile.

Porcelain Bridge Maintenance

Maintenance for a porcelain bridge is basically the same as with a porcelain crown. Make sure that you are brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice a day and that you are getting regular preventative dental cleanings from your Texas dentist, Dr Geaccone located near Houston. Additionally, try to avoid chewing on things like straws, hard candy, ice that can chip your teeth.

Why Porcelain?

There are many reasons to use porcelain crowns and porcelain bridges for cosmetic teeth restoration. One of the biggest advantages is that porcelain is exceptionally durable and can last an entire lifetime in some cases. Additionally, porcelain is relatively affordable, safe for your mouth, and is easily matched to your existing teeth.

Gummy Smile

When too much of the gums show when a person smiles it gives their teeth a boxy and short appearance. If you have a “gummy” smile, you are the perfect candidate for a gingivectomy. A gingivectomy is the removal of excess gum tissue to give your teeth a more elongated attractive appearance.

To give you the perfectly balanced smile you always wanted, Dr Geaccone utilizes a laser to gently remove excess gum tissue that is covering the top part of the tooth which causes the teeth to look unattractive and short in appearance. This technique will result in a smile that is more proportional and beautifully balanced. This procedure is a small tweak that has a huge impact on a persons appearance.

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Porcelain crowns and porcelain bridges are two of the most popular dental solutions that we offer at your Texas dentist, Dr Geaccone office here near the Houston area. If you have a old, discolored, spaced cracked, chipped, damaged, or missing tooth, let Dr Geaccone help restore your smile for renewed confidence! To learn more about Porcelain Crowns & Bridges or to schedule a free cosmetic dental consultation, please call 281 332-9565.


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