Do you have wrinkles on your face? Has your face lost the volume and youthful tightness it once had? Does your skin look dull, lackluster and older in general?

Like many people, you would love a solution to these common signs of aging but do not want to have surgery or costly injections with painful artificial fillers injected into your face. These fillers can go away quickly due to your body metabolizing them over a short period of time. If this is you, we have the answer. Fotana SmoothLase Laser Facial Rejuvenation is not only non invasive but cost less than traditional fillers or surgery. The results are more natural while firming, plumping, and improving the quality of the patients skin.

Dr Geaccone is now able to treat the tissue in your face and lips with the Fotana Laser. The Laser will stimulate your body’s production of collagen, naturally tightening and plumping facial tissue.


Actual patient wrinkle reduction after 1 SmoothLase laser facial treatment.


The LightWalker laser is great for facial rejuvenation which has become a very popular procedure to look and feel younger without undergoing invasive surgical procedures.

With Lightwalker Laser Aesthetics

•No Pain & No Downtime •Natural Tightening & Toning •No Artifical Fillers - avoids "Puffed" look and no injecting foreign substances •No Special Insurance Needed like Botox & Juvaderm Require •Long Lasting Results that are Easy to Maintain •Treatment Performed Intra-Orally


Would you like to have plumper, fuller lips like the models and actresses on TV and Social Media? Are you scared the results might look unnatural, duck-like or fake? The cost of injections could also be very expensive and painful. Also typical lip injections only last 6 to 12 months. Dr Geaccone has the answer: Liplase Laser Lip Enhancement. As you can see from the results pictured below, Fotona Laser Lip Augmentation is the newest best way to substantially plump your lips with out the worry or expense of painful injections.

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Liplase Before adn After